Beckham Creek Cave Lodge – The world’s most luxurious cave

Way before David Beckham kicked a football Beckham Creek was hanging around being beautiful and waiting to be discovered. Now a 280 acre estate, the centerpiece is the amazing cave lodge. It took four years to build with the outside façade full of windows to let light into the cave. Check out these photos… isn’t it amazing how they have created a luxurious living space inside a cave? And they have done all this without taking away the rock walls or natural waterfalls. Set in the magnificent Buffalo River Valley there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The main one here is obvious. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s caving or “spelunking” as it is sometimes known. The cave system runs into the earth revealing a mysterious world of underground lakes and natural caverns ready to be explored. You can also go rock climbing, take a nature trail and go horse riding. There is a large games room for socializing and a modern kitchen.

Source: Beckham Creek Cave Lodge – The world’s most luxurious cave

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